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Myst Boutique Hotel Santorini is the perfect retreat for those seeking to experience the best that Santorini has to offer, without having to compromise on privacy and tranquility. All of our suites feature beautiful views with spacious and tastefully decorated interiors that blend contemporary and Cycladic design to make your stay seamless and indelible.

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Myst’s philosophy is to welcome its guests with candor, enthusiasm and warmth. Our dedicated team will ensure that your holiday experience will remain imprinted in your memory long after you are gone, leaving you yearning to return again soon. Whether guests want to relax or are craving inspiration for their next Santorini adventure, Myst has you covered. Spend your vacation surrendering your senses to a new dimension of poolside relaxation; our floating sun loungers are the perfect place to soak up the sun while savoring Myst’s light fare menu and signature cocktails. Our concierge’s wealth of knowledge is wide-ranging and can get you reservations to some of Santorini's best restaurants, lead you to an afternoon of 4-wheeling or to a wine tasting experience like no other, at one of the island's world famous wineries. Of course, no Santorini visit is complete without an envy-inducing vacation photo; Be sure to ask our social media savvy staff members, their insider tips and directions on how to get those incredible holiday snaps.

Indulge in the luxury of doing nothing at all; Set your own pace at Myst Boutique Hotel

best price guarantee

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